🖥️Referral Page Interface

Referral sayfası, yönlendirmelerinizle ilgili temel bilgileri, yönlendirme istatistiklerinizi, yönlendirme ödemelerinizle ilgili bilgileri ve benzersiz yönlendirme bağlantınızı içerir (kodlamak).

The Referral page reflects core information about your referral network. Here you will find your referral statistics, referral payouts as well as your unique referral code:

Your Referral Statistics reflect the following information about your referrals:

  • Commission Rate - your current commission rate

  • Total Referrals - the total amount of users that have registered through your referral code

  • Funded Referrals - Referrals that have already made a deposit to their account

  • Active Referrals - Referrals that have traded recently or are currently trading

  • Total Paid Out (BTC) - your total commissions generated calculated in BTC

  • Pending (BTC) - currently pending referral payouts calculated in BTC

The Referral page also has suggestions on how to improve and grow your referral network and contains a downloadable Marketing Kit to help maximize your affiliate earnings potential.

All referral payouts received will be reflected in the ‘Your Referral Payouts’ section at the bottom of the Referral page:

Generated referral payouts are credited to your account in the same coin/token from which they were generated.

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