Return on Equity (RoE) and How It's Calculated

Equity Return on Equity (ROE) göstergesi, bir işlemin performansını yansıtır. Pozitif ROE, işlemin karlı olduğunu, negatif ROE ise işlemin şu anda zararda olduğunu gösterir.
Return on Equity (ROE or ROI), is an indicator which reflects the current NET performance of an open trade.
  • Positive ROE means that the trade is currently profitable
  • Negative ROE means that the trade is currently at a net loss currently
ROE is calculated based on the trader’s margin reserved for a trade, using the following formula:
  • ROE% = (Unrealized PnL + Realized PnL - CloseOrderCommission) / Margin
For example, if a trader has used $100 as Margin for a position, a ROE value of +20% will mean that the trade is essentially at a net profit of $20.
ROE always takes into account not only the flat PnL from the price movement of the asset being traded - but also any associated trade fees and funding. When initially opening a position, the ROE% indicator will show a negative value. This is due to the ROE% indicator taking into account the opening and closing trade fees which are incurred for the position.
This provides traders with a fully transparent and precise ROE indicator.