Ⓜ️What is Margex?

Learn about the main features and core products on Margex: Trade with up to x100 leverage, Copy trade successful traders or Stake your coins and earn yield.

Margex is cryptocurrency trading platform that combines the industry's best practices and features in a single easy-to-use interface.

Some of the advantages and Leading Features of Margex:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Margex is designed with user experience taken into consideration. Enjoy the industry's most transparent UI and market reporting system

  • All market data at your fingertips: Margex offers a live deal flow and a $40,000,000+ deep orderbook combined from 12+ liquidity providers. This ensures that a single trader with a relatively large order can't manipulate prices

  • Multicollateral Wallets: Margex's multi-collateral wallets allow you to deposit any cryptocurrency and trade almost any pair listed on the exchange, with settlements made in your chosen collateral, without the need to own the underlying asset when trading different pairs

  • Privacy: We realize that in the IT driven world the most valuable asset is data which could be used against you. Margex values your privacy and the right to not disclose your personal information

  • Highest security standards: Margex security systems consist of several layers, each including their own security protocols and controls, regularly and thoroughly audited by in-house and independent security experts

Margex Core Products and Features

Margex offers a broad range of powerful tools to harness your trading skills and to maximise profit potential, including:

  • Leverage Trading (up to x100): Go Long (Buy) or Go Short (Sell) in any market direction by opening long or short positions with up to 100x leverage for all assets offered on the platform. Margex's unique order structure allows you to open multiple positions on the same asset in the same or opposite direction without consolidating them into one large position

  • Copy Trading - enables Traders to create and control their own strategies, or follow strategies of other successful traders. A Strategy is essentially a pool of a trader's funds which Followers can copy by simply enrolling their own funds into the Strategy, creating a mutually beneficial opportunity for both skilled traders and followers to increase their profit potential.

  • Staking - stake your coins and let them earn for you! Staking is a yield-generating mechanism that allows you to earn passive income over time (i.e APY% or Yield) through various CeFI and DeFi projects, without having to sell your cryptocurrency.

  • Buy Crypto - easily purchase crypto using a bank or credit card through your Margex account

Margex Mobile Apps

Our dedicated mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android devices:


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