4️⃣Follower's Portfolio

You can manage all of your active followings in your Portfolio menu. Here you can add or withdraw your funds, review following statistics and track your followed strategies and portfolio performance.

To learn how to start Following a Strategy, make sure to check out our short beginner’s guide for followers: Quickstart: How to Follow a Strategy.

How to manage your active Followings

All of a Follower’s active Followings are reflected in their Copytrading Portfolio:

Here followers can manage all of their active Followings and Followings' statistics:

  1. Add funds or Withdraw funds to/from their active Followings (see strategy rollovers for additional details regarding withdrawal and deposit of funds from active Followings):

All requests for the deposit/withdrawal of funds from an active Following are processed during the corresponding Strategy’s nearest Rollover.

  1. Review the current status of active Followings and the corresponding Strategy’s statistics (such as strategy equity, ROE, profitability charts, etc):

Clicking on a Following will open the corresponding Strategy’s statistics page, where Followers can find full details of the Strategy, including a breakdown of equity, ROE%, profitability charts, trading history, Follower statistics, etc.:

  1. Transaction History - reflects all transactions related to your Followings' portfolio. This includes completed and pending withdrawal/deposits to/from Strategies, Profit Share (rewards) allocated to a Strategy’s Trader, etc:

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