1️⃣Quickstart (Traders): How to Create a Strategy

To create your own strategy: 1. Go to the Copy Trading tab 2. Click 'create strategy' 3. Choose strategy name, currency and equity 4. Configure settings and publish the Strategy to gain followers

Margex Copy trading provides Traders with the opportunity to create a public Strategy which others can follow with their own capital. The Trader can trade with the follower’s funds and receive a success fee as a percentage of all profits generated for their followers from profitable trades.

To create a Strategy:

  1. Navigate to the Copy Trading page and click ‘CREATE YOUR STRATEGY':

  1. Choose your Strategy’s name, base currency and the amount of initial capital that you wish to allocate and click ‘CREATE’:

  1. Click the ‘GO TO SETTINGS’ button:

Here you can add/remove/edit your Strategy’s social media links, public description, follower tiers (rewards), rollovers, etc.

4. Once you’ve selected the desired Strategy settings - click ‘SAVE’:

  1. To publish your Strategy and make it visible and available for others to Follow - click ‘MAKE PUBLIC’:

All Strategy publications must first be reviewed and approved by Margex. Once your Strategy has been reviewed you will receive a corresponding notification via email and your Strategy status will be updated.

To learn more about Strategy settings and how to change Strategy account privacy settings see our short guide Strategy Privacy settings.

  1. To begin trading with your Strategy, navigate to the Trade page, and click the dropdown menu button to open the Strategy selection window. Next, click your desired Strategy to begin trading:

All of your Strategies are reflected in 'My Strategies' and can be accessed by clicking the desired Strategy in the list:

Traders can create and manage multiple Strategies at the same time, providing the ability to diversify their Strategy portfolio, increasing their potential pool of Followers and maximizing returns.

To learn more about managing a Strategy see our comprehensive guide: How to manage Your Strategy

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