👥Copy Trading Explained

Margex's cryptocurrency trading plaform now offers crypto copy trading. With the help of this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about copy trading crypto.

Copy Trading on Margex enables Traders to create and control their own strategies, or follow strategies of other successful traders. A Strategy is essentially a pool of a trader's funds which Followers can copy by simply enrolling their own funds into the Strategy, creating a mutually beneficial opportunity for both skilled traders and followers to increase their profit potential.

Anytime a Trader makes a profitable trade, Followers will receive a percentage of the profits, based on the amount of their personal Equity enrolled in the Strategy.

The Trader will then receive a success fee from the profits generated by their Followers.

On Margex, Followers can copy multiple strategies at once, which allows both Followers and Traders, to maximise each other's profit potential.

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