2️⃣How to Manage Your Strategies

Your strategies can be managed from the 'My Strategies' tab. Here you can review follower statistics, transactions, trading history, configure your strategy parameters and settings.

To learn how to create a Strategy, gain followers and begin Trading, make sure to check out our short beginner’s guide for fol: Quickstart (Traders): How to create a Strategy

How to manage a Strategy

All of a trader’s active Strategies are reflected in My Strategies.

Additionally, the Strategies Transaction History section can be found here. It contains detailed information about all transactions related to your Strategies, including your deposits/withdrawals and Rewards:

  1. Click on a Strategy to bring up the main page of the Strategy. Here traders can adjust their Strategy parameters and Strategy Settings, review position history, Follower details etc.

  1. To begin trading with your Strategy, navigate to the Trade page, and click the dropdown menu button to open the Strategy selection window. Next, click your desired Strategy to begin trading:

To learn more about trading on Margex, make sure to check out our help center articles about leverage trading on Margex.

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