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Learn how to configure your personal Strategy to make it more attractive to potential followers on Margex. Change your privacy settings, strategy description, add social media links and more.

A Strategy's Settings menu allows Traders to manage, configure and adjust their Strategy settings in accordance to their preferences.

Strategy Privacy

A Strategy’s privacy setting will determine whether it is hidden and accessible only to the Strategy’s owner or publicly visible and available for Followers to follow.

To make a strategy Public:

  1. Navigate to the Settings page of your strategy and click 'MAKE PUBLIC':

  1. Wait for Strategy publication to be approved:

  1. Once the publication of your Strategy has been approved, a corresponding icon will be displayed, indicating that the Strategy is now publicly visible and available for others to Follow:

Strategy publication requests may take 0-2 days to process. Once a request has been approved or declined a corresponding notification will be sent to your email.

For Traders who do not want their Strategies to be accessible from the Leaderboard, it is possible to make a Strategy available for Following exclusively through a direct link to the Strategy's page. This can be done by publishing only the Follower Tiers for the Strategy:

This provides Traders with the opportunity to create Strategies for their personal communities/followings/groups, which can be accessed only by those who have a direct link to their Strategy, essentially creating a priority access system.

Strategy Description and Technical Aspects

A Strategy’s Description and Technical aspects provide potential followers with crucial information about a Strategy and the Trader’s approach to trading as well as their social media channels/communities should they choose to share them.

A Trader can edit their Description and Technical aspects at anytime in their Strategy’s Settings:

This information can be very helpful to Followers when selecting which Strategy to follow based on their preferences, risk appetites and portfolio diversification.

If you are a Follower and want to review the description/technical aspects of a Strategy, simply click on that Strategy in the copy trading Leaderboard and scroll down to the Parameters module:

It is important for Followers to keep in mind that the Description and Technical aspects of a Strategy are purely informative and do not limit the actual trading capabilities of a Strategy.

For example, a trader can still use x100 leverage for their Strategy even if their stated maximum leverage is set to x50.

Strategy Trading History Visibility

This settings allows Traders to choose how much of their Strategy’s trading history is visible to others, if at all, as well as the delay between the actual execution time of a trade and it's subsequent display in the trading history:

This setting allows Traders to show/hide historical details of their trades in regards to their unique trading styles/strategies.

Follower Tiers Rewards (Profit Distribution)

Managing a Strategy allows Traders to profit by receiving a share of all earnings that they make for their Followers.

The Follower Tiers of a Strategy reflect the profit share ratios based on the amount of funds that each separate Follower enrolls into that Strategy:

For example:

  • In the screenshot above, Tier 1 means that any Follower who follows this Strategy with 0.0001 to 0.001 BTC - will receive 60% of any profits the Strategy trader makes from trading with the Follower's funds, while the Manager’s share will be 40%.

  • On the other hand, Followers who follow this Strategy with more than 0.001 will receive a 65% share, while the Manager's share will be reduced to 35%.

Traders can adjust their Strategy’s Follower Tiers from the strategy’s settings menu at any time. However, it is important to keep in mind that currently active Followers will retain the Profit Share distribution percentage which was in effect at the time of activation of their Following.

For example, if a Follower starts following a Strategy with a Follower/Manager share of 80%/20% respectively, they will retain this profit share percentage until they unfollow the Strategy. Should the Trader update or edit the profit distribution share, only future Followers will be subject to the new conditions. All Follower Tier changes are first reviewed by Margex prior to their update.

Strategy Rollovers

Strategy Rollovers reflect the time period during which Followers’ pending deposit and withdrawal requests to/from Strategies are processed:

For example:

  • Trader has set a rollover at 16:00 UTC for their Strategy

  • If a Follower deposits more funds into the Strategy at 15:25 UTC, the deposit will be processed after 16:00 UTC

  • If a Follower requests a withdrawal of their funds from the Strategy at 23:30 UTC, the withdrawal will be processed after 16:00 UTC on the following day

Traders can adjust the frequency of rollovers and the time of each rollover from the Strategy’s settings menu at any time. All Rollover changes and updates will take effect after 1 day.

Transfer Strategy Profits

This option allows the Trader to choose where profits from a particular Strategy will go.

Currently the following options are available:

  • Keep all profits in my Strategy: i.e any profits/rewards the Trader makes are automatically added to the Trader's Equity in the Strategy, essentially creating a compounding effect;

  • Transfer to my Margex Wallet: i.e any profits/rewards from this Strategy are automatically transferred to the Trader's account Wallet

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