3️⃣Manage Open Positions

Pozisyonları Ticaret sayfasındaki 'Açık Pozisyonlar' bölümünde yönetme: 1. 'Kapat X' düğmesine tıklayın ve kapatma türünü seçin. 2. Stop Loss/Take Profit eklemek için sırasıyla SL veya TP'ye tıklayın.

Managing open positions

All Open positions are reflected in the ‘Open Positions’ section of the Trade page:

Here you can control and manage all of your open positions - review the current stats of your open trades, add/edit Stop Loss or Take Profit, as well as close positions.

How to close a position

To close a position, navigate to the orders and positions module and click the ‘Close X’ button located below the ID of the position that you wish to close. Next, simply select a closing method. You can close your deal with a limit order (i.e take profit) or instantly with a market order:

How to add Stop Loss and/or Take Profit to open positions

Stop Loss and Take Profit (SL and TP) orders can be placed from the ‘Open Positions’ section of the Trade page by clicking the corresponding field in the Take profit / Stop loss columns:

When adding a S/L or T/P to an active order or position, simply enter the desired S/L or T/P price (or alternatively, select the ROE% at which the SL or TP will be triggered) and click "SET":

Take Profit protection orders are limit orders and will be executed accordingly. Stop Loss protection orders are market orders and will be executed accordingly.

How to add/remove margin to a position

Adding or removing margin to/from a position lets traders reduce or increase the amount of their personal margin in a trade (essentially, decreasing or increasing their leverage accordingly).

This feature acts as an additional risk-management tool, allowing traders to employ a wider array of trading strategies by providing more flexibility and control over their trades.

To increase or decrease the leverage of a position:

  1. Click on the Margin value of a position reflected in the ‘Margin’ column of the ‘Open Positions’ section:

  1. In the margin adjustment confirmation window, select the leverage that you want to set and review the changes that will be made to the position:

  1. Click ‘CONFIRM’ to change leverage

It is important to keep in mind that changing the leverage of a position will also affect the Estimated liquidation price of an isolated margin trade.

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