Wallet Interface

Cüzdan sayfası, hesap cüzdan istatistiklerinizi gösterir ve Fonları Yatırma/Çekme olanağı tanır. Burada, cüzdan transferlerinizi içeren detaylı bir İşlem Geçmişi kaydı bulabilirsiniz.
The Wallet page reflects current account wallet stats and allows you to Deposit and Withdraw funds to and from your account.

Total Balances

Located at the top of the page are your Wallet details, including total balance statistics as well as your combined total bonus balance
7Wallet total balances.png
  • Total Balance (BTC) - total combined balance of all currencies in your Wallet (in BTC)
  • Available Balance (BTC) - total combined balance of all currencies in your Wallet, except funds that are currently reserved in active orders, open positions, or pending withdrawals (in BTC)
  • In Orders (BTC) - funds (margin) currently reserved in active orders and open positions (in BTC)
  • Bonus Balance (BTC) - combined bonus balance for all currencies (calculated in BTC). This value is purely indicative.

Your Balances

This section reflects a detailed breakdown of each separate Wallet for every available collateral currency, including its current Balance, available balance, bonus balance as well as quick access to Deposits/Withdrawals for that coin/token:
8Wallet balances.png

Transaction history

At the bottom of the Wallet page is a detailed Transaction History log which reflects details about transfers made to/from your Wallets, particularly - deposits, withdrawals, and bonus rebates
9Transaction history.png
For a detailed guides on how to deposit and withdraw, make sure to check out our short tutorials: