Market Maker Obligations

독특한 주문 실행 할인을 받으려면 시장 메이커(MM)는 여러 조건을 충족하고 유지해야 합니다: 1. 최소 스프레드 2. 거래량 3. 처음 3 개 밴드(가격 수준) 내에서 거래량 증가.
To receive unique order-execution discounts, Market Makers are required to fulfill and maintain the following conditions:
  • Maintain a minimum spread for the agreed time within the Margex trading system
  • Maintain volume equal to or above the minimum, on each band in the Order book
  • Maintain an increased volume within the first 3 bands (price levels)
Please note that in the event that at least one of the above conditions is violated or not maintained, Margex reserves the right to terminate a contract without paying a discount or fulfilling other trading promotion conditions.