Account Activity Notifications

이메일 알림은 계정에 추가적인 보안 기능을 제공하며 거래자가 계정 활동을 추적하는 도구를 제공합니다. 이메일 알림은 설정 페이지에서 켜고 끌 수 있습니다.
Email notifications add an additional layer of security to an account and provide traders with additional tools and utility to keep track of activity on their account. Anytime an particular action occurs on your account, a corresponding email notification will be sent to your email. Email notifications can be enabled/disabled on the Settings page of your account:
  • Sign in: all attempts to log into your account
  • Withdrawal: all withdrawals made from your account
  • Staking Rewards all staking rewards credited to your Margex wallet
  • Deposit: all deposits made to your account
  • Liquidation: liquidation of any positions
  • Weekly referral report: a weekly report about your referral earnings

In-App Notifications

The in-app Instant orders notification is a unique "1-click-1-trade" feature which can also be enabled in the Settings menu:
When enabled, placing an order will not require any additional confirmations When disabled, placing an order will bring up an additional confirmation window
This feature allows traders to place and manage orders more quickly by removing all order confirmation windows, such as this:
45Order confirmation window.png
While enabled, orders will be placed immediately upon clicking BUY or SELL buttons in the order placement module, without any additional confirmation prompts, taking into account the order parameters set at the time.
It is important to exercise care when using this feature to avoid placing accidental orders.
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