Become a Market Maker

마젝스는 언제나 거래 플랫폼에 새로운 시장 메이커를 환영합니다. 시장 메이커 로테이션은 매월 진행되어 새로운 참가자들이 새로운 전략을 도입할 수 있는 기회를 제공합니다.
High liquidity is one of the main advantages of the Margex trading platform. We focus strongly on providing the highest speed of execution of transactions and the best possible liquidity for all available assets. Liquidity is formed from several sources:
  • Liquidity formed by traders in the Margex trading system
  • Liquidity created by professional participants - i.e. Market Makers (MM)
Liquidity from traders is formed by placing limit orders for the purchase or sale of an asset. Margex will adjust the commission level for order execution based on the general liquidity in the order book for a particular asset. To additionally encourage traders to trade with limit orders, a positive commission is issued for the execution of limit orders. In this case, traders receive an additional profit when trading with limit orders.
In addition, Margex always welcomes new market makers on the trading platform. In accordance with internal procedures, the number of market makers is limited and rotations are carried out monthly in order to provide opportunities for new participants to introduce new strategies into the system.
In order to become a Market Maker in the Margex trading system, you will need to have a confirmed track record of successful cooperation(s) with other trading systems or work experience on classic assets exchanges.. The minimum confirmed work experience required is 3+ years with an average capital of at least 300 BTC (excluding the use of leverage during previous work experience) In addition to experience, a working capital of at least 500 BTC is required (or the equivalent in ETH, USD or EUR) to participate as a MM. These funds will be placed in special accounts with additional levels of security for maximum safety.
For successful participation as a MM, an extremely fast connection to the trading system is required, for which a special protocol and cross-connection to trading servers will be provided to any active MM.
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