Boots Your Staking Yield

스테이킹 시 전체 지갑 잔액이 스테이크됩니다. 거래자의 잔액이 클수록 수익률이 높아집니다. 최대 x100 레버리지로 거래하여 수익을 극대화하고 잠재적인 수익을 증가시키는 방법을 배우세요.
When staking coins, the entire wallet balance for the selected coin is staked. This essentially means that the larger a trader’s balance - the higher the potential returns will be over time!
There is no need to choose between staking or trading. As Margex does not impose lock-up periods or similar restrictions on staked coins - you can simultaneously stake your balance and at the same time use it as margin to trade with up to x100 leverage, thus maximizing your profit potential.
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