Staking Stats. Staking Yield Calculator

스테이킹 활동을 추적하려면 지갑 페이지에서 'APY 보상' 툴팁을 클릭하세요. 여기에서 활성 스테이크를 관리하고 스테이킹 수익 계산기를 활용할 수 있습니다.
Details of active stakes, staking history and a staking income calculator can be accessed by clicking on the APY Rewards informational button:
APY info button.png
Here you can find a break down of your staking stats.
  • The Staking module reflects Daily Interest, Total Interest as well as the current APY% (annual percentage yield) and Pool Limits:
  • Accrual History reflects the history of staking payouts (yield). Payouts, if any, are credited to the wallet balance once a day taking into account the lowest balance value of the corresponding wallet since the last payout, as well as the APY%:
  • The Income calculator is a great tool to gauge potential income that can be earned through staking, taking into account the size of your wallet balance, over the period of one day, week, month, quarter, half year or a year:
The income calculator provides estimated returns based on current average APY% values. As APY% is a dynamic value the actual yield amount may differ based on various market factors.