Staking Pool Limits

스테이킹된 코인은 다양한 DeFi 및 CeFi 프로젝트에 할당됩니다. 이는 크로스체인 아비트리지, 담보 대출 등을 포함합니다. 풀 리미트 지표 위에 마우스를 올리면 새로운 스테이크를 위한 남은 유동성이 표시됩니다.
Our AI algorithms allocate staked coins to different DeFi and CeFi projects including providing liquidity to the Margex orderbook, cross-chain arbitrage, collateralized loans and liquidity farming. We have around 50 active strategies that allow us to offer one of the highest yields on the market, while still maintaining proper risk management, without any lock-up periods or restrictions.
For convenience, we’ve added special Pool Limit indicators which can help keep track of the current liquidity that is available for new stakes within the pool of participating DeFi/CeFi projects.
Hovering over a Pool Limit indicator will provide additional information regarding the approximate remaining pool limits:
Pool limit.png
It is important to keep in mind that, if the Pool Limit reaches 0%, or if pool liquidity is otherwise insufficient to accept new stakes - it will not be possible to stake that particular coin until the Pool Limit increases.