How to Buy USDT With a Credit Card (Buy Crypto with a Bank Card)

To purchase USDT and other cryptocurrencies using a bank card and have it transferred directly to your Margex Wallet: 1. Go to the Wallet page 2. Click Buy Crypto 3. Fill in the required info
USDT and other cryptocurrencies can be purchased using a bank card/credit card through the Pay4X widget integrated on our platform, or through numerous other third-party services that provide similar fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to fiat exchange services.
The Pay4X widget allows you to purchase USDT and other cryptocurrencies using your bank card and have it transferred directly to your personal Margex Wallet.
To purchase USDT with a bank card using Pay4X, navigate to the Wallet page:
  • Click +Deposit:
  • Next, select the Coin that you want to purchase and the network:
  • Click the Buy USDT button:
  • Choose your payment Amount and Currency:
  • Proceed to the next step. Make sure to check your purchase amount and click confirm:
  • You will now be redirected to Pay4X confirmation window. Here you will receive instructions on how to make the purchase as well as payment details:
Follow the instructions provided in the payment details prompt, particularly:
  1. 1.
    Go to Telegram and search for the Pay4X telegram handle as stated in the instructions
  2. 2.
    Send a message in the chat with the exact amount of funds you are purchasing and the name of your Bank.
  3. 3.
    Once you receive a reply in Telegram with the payment details - simply make a payment to the provided address for the amount that you have selected. You should now make your payment in accordance to the payment details that you have received in the telegram. Once you've completed the bank transfer, click the confirmation button simply click the confirmation button to complete your purchase:
The payment confirmation window will expire after 1 hour. If the window has expired and you haven't completed the payment, simply repeat the above steps again to initiate a fresh purchase.
Make sure to save your Order ID after confirming your payment if you wish to keep track of your purchase history.
Pay4X is a third-party services which provide the ability to purchase crypto with fiat using a bank card. When making a purchase through these services for the first time, you may be required to complete their verification procedure to verify your account for future purchases.
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